Investment Process

The Investment Manager in its functioning follows a disciplined yet efficient and responsive process for evaluating investment opportunities which is as follows :

Preliminary Screening

Dual Evaluation

Negotiation & Term Sheet



“BLACKFOX INNOVATIVE INVESTMENT TRUST” is a trust under Section 64 of the Indian Trust Act, 1882. The Registration certificate was issued on 5th November, 2014 by the Sub-Registrar, New Delhi. The company was approved as category-II Alternate Investment Fund by SEBI vide Certificate No. IN/AIF2/15-16/149 dated 15th May, 2015. Our registration number for trust is 1246 in book no.-4, Vol. no. 93 on page 62 to 114. The first scheme of “BLACKFOX INNOVATIVE INVESTMENT TRUST” is “BlackFox Reality Fund – I. For further details of scheme please refer to private placement memorandum.

BlackFox Reality Fund – I : The objective of setting up this fund is to seek Capital Appreciation. The investment manager aims to provide “Superior Risk Adjusted Return” over a “Shorter Investment Cycle” to contributors investing in the unit of the fund.