Investment Conditions

Investment Philosphy

Key highlights of the above philosophy

Investment Objectives

The objective of the fund is to seek capital appreciation. The Investment Manager aims to provide “superior risk adjusted returns” over a “shorter investment cycle” to Contributors investing in the Units of the Fund.
The above objective has its genesis in the fact that the investors have often got “lower than expected” and “delayed returns” on their investments in funds. This may be attributed to several factors listed below:

The Investment Manager aims to address the above mentioned issues by keeping investments focused on the viability of individual project and the sartorial trend of industry to which it belongs.

Investment Strategy

The main alternative investment strategies employed by the fund may include:

Fundamental strategies, which employ processes designed to identify attractive opportunities in the industry i.e. housing, alternate energy, ecommerce that are undervalued/overvalued or expected to experience high/low levels of growth. The Fund will invest in industry that is believed to be undervalued relative to other comparable investments.

Opportunistic Investment strategies, Shorter time cycle and superior risk adjusted returns – To achieve this, the Fund has a strategy to invest into “smaller projects” that are under construction and where the “risk of aggregation and entitlements is minimal”.

Qualitative strategies, This investment strategy will entail that the Investment Manager is a part of the project team and makes contribution to the development process by suggesting better documentation, design, vendors to source from, sales channel, pricing, advertising, award of construction, financial engineering and tax, compliance etc., including deal sourcing and sourcing more capital if required. The Investment Manager will review the progress of a project in a regular manner and will also update the investors. The Investment Manager will also keep track of the market and maintain knowledge management system. It will not only capture the deal and the development data, but also list out the various vendors, suppliers, brokers and contractors etc. This strategy will also enable the Fund to capture superior learning’s and thereby delivering superior value. The Fund will also aim to invest in value for money and affordable housing which forms the bulk of the requirement in residential sector.

Investment Manager Overview

The Investment Manager currently intends to generally consider the following factors as part of its Screening process:

Investment Process

The Investment Manager in its functioning follows a disciplined yet efficient and responsive process for evaluating investment opportunities which is as follows :

Preliminary Screening

Dual Evaluation

Negotiation & Term Sheet


Investment Restrictions

Limitation & Liability